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Montgomery City Council Members Sworn In

   In August Montgomery's nine city council members were all candidates.  However, after Tuesday morning they are now official office holders, and we know now who will serve as President and President pro tem.

  The first surprise came when council member Martha Roby nominated C.C. Calhoun for President.  Charles Jinwright ended up getting it, but Jinwright admitted being nervous about the vote.    The other surprise came when council member Willie Cook nominated Tracy Larkin for the second in command position that of President Pro tem.  Roby nominated C.C. Calhoun for that too, but it was not Calhoun, but Larkin who got the most votes.  Calhoun said some council members made promises to him they didn't keep and he was hoping the young folks on the council would eventually take over from the others.  "I don't want to call them old, they're seniors.  It's time now for youth leadership and if we don't step up and try and make an opportunity to take charge you know the torch will never be passed you have to go out and take the torch," says Calhoun.

   The reason the President of city council is important this year in particular is because if the mayor decides for any reason to step down, it's the council president who takes over temporarily until a special election is held.

   The council also voted down a proposal by Tracy Larkin to move the afternoon city council meeting from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 in the evenings.


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