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Montgomery Woman Becomes City's 42nd Murder Victim

"He said 'If I can't have her, no one can,'" says Tori Taylor of murder suspect Daoud Boone.

Now she thinks he made good on that promise. 

Police say Boone murdered Taylor's best friend, Sylvia Perr.

Taylor clings to a recent photograph of Perry. Someone snapped the picture at Igor's, the last place the 20 year old would ever go. "I just wish I could bring her back," says Taylor.

Investigators say Boone shot his girlfriend while she sat inside her car outside Igor's Restaurant, the place Taylor said Perry would go every Tuesday night. 

Taylor says the man in custody had a history of violence with Perry, including the night she was killed. Taylor says she saw it happen.  She recalls, "He hit her like she was a guy."

Police say Boone kidnapped Perry last week and held her until she managed to escape.

Taylor hopes others in violent relationships can get out before it's too late.  She says, "It's not worth it. Get help. Don't keep it a secret."  

Boone is charged with capital murder.

He's in the Montgomery County Detention Facility with no bond.


Reporter:  Sally Pitts

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