Montgomery Post Office Employees Remember Tornado

November 15th 2006, it is a day no one in Montgomery will ever forget.

A tornado roared across Montgomery's east side, destroyed the Fun Zone Skate Center, several apartment buildings, and the Winton Blount Post Office suffered major damage.

The damage at the post office totaled in the millions of dollars. On Thursday, postal employees marked the anniversary with a special ceremony.

On the day of the storm, the lobby collapsed, the roof was torn off in the storm, but it didn't stop the postal workers from doing their jobs. Thursday's celebration was about recognizing those dedicated employees. It is said neither rain, snow, heat or gloom of night can keep postal workers from doing their jobs, add tornado to that list.

Teresa Welch is the Postmaster. She tells WSFA 12 News, "Our customers had no way to get their mail." The post office set up a make shift operations center. Welch says, "We dried the mail."  Many services had to be diverted to facilities in other states.  Despite five million dollars in damage. The post office continued on, putting in to action contingency plans they had practiced so many times.

One year later, repairs still aren't complete.  On Thursday, they planted a tree, a symbol of the workers resiliency.  Every postal worker wore a shirt that had their creed on it. It was in the shape of a tornado.

Reporter: Sally Pitts