One Year Later: Rescuers Reflect On Fun Zone Tornado

What a difference one year can make. One year ago, Thursday, a total of 8 tornadoes ripped through Alabama, leaving paths of destruction in all directions. However, in Montgomery, the vivid image that lingers with most of us, was the twisted pile of steel - once known as the Fun Zone.

Dozens of children were inside the Fun Zone when the twister hit and the building collapsed. All the children survived. The debris is gone, but the memories are still fresh, for those trapped in the building one year ago.

Employees at Worth Cleaners heard the severe weather sirens like they had so many times before, but this time it would be different. Willie Adams was one of the rescuers. He says, "I looked up and the Fun Zone went up in smoke." He ran to get his co-workers.  Adams says, "I said the Fun Zone is gone."  Jennifer Noland and other workers ran to what was left of the Fun Zone.  Noland says, "The children weren't making any noises."

Soon others came to help. That includes John Miller.  Miler says, "They searched the rubble for the children." The rescuers formed a human chain and every child that was trapped in the building was pulled to safety.

Now, a year later, they look at an empty slab where the Fun Zone once stood and they are thankful for what is left behind.

Worth Cleaners suffered around 10 thousand dollars worth of damage.  They say they are fortunate, compared to others who lost so much since the tornado.

The Fun Zone was forced to reopen in Dothan, due to rebuilding costs.