Helping the Needy Through a "Convoy of Hope"

On Saturday more than 100 local churches and a thousand volunteers will reach out to the needy in the Montgomery area.

It's called the Convoy of Hope, a broad-based project that brings food, clothes, health care and even a haircut to people in need.

It's a national program that's rolled through Montgomery before.

The 18 wheeler is loaded with 40,000 pounds of groceries which will feed about 40,000 thousand people.

The adults who come get two bags of food for free.

It's all to help those who are struggling and in need.

The head of this project, Michael Redmon, knows all about that. He used to be one of them.

"I was raised in a very hostile environment....inner city environment. My mother was a prostitute and just very dysfunctional and I was stuck," he recalls of his youth.

So he's now using "Convoy of Hope" to help others who feel stuck to get out.

Anything to help those in need is available because one day he ran into some people from a church who helped him.

"They befriended me and out of that friendship they just began to believe in me. They made me believe in myself and helped me graduate high school, helped get me into college and I'm a product today of that," Redmon says.

Convoy of Hope will be held at Garrett Coliseum Saturday starting at 10am.