Un Do Adhesive Remover - Does It Work?

Our does it work guy David Hagood has been watching the television to find the latest products for this segment and today he's got a product that could help several different people who maybe in sticky situations. From picture frames and video tapes to computer disks, labels are everywhere and sometimes it seems that you can never get them off! That is until you "Un Du" it with adhesive remover. A value size bottle cost us $7.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's claim is that it can instantly remove stickers, tape and labels. So we'll start our test with the aggravating price tag. After applying the solution it worked on the wood frame just as it said it would. Now say you've just mislabeled something, maybe a computer disk. Well the "undo" adhesive remover is supposed to allow you to remove and reuse that same label. I'm had some trouble with the computer disk... Getting it off is not as easy as it looked and sticking it back on was not an option. The computer label was a bust. But there's one other claim the the "undo remover" makes and it's a really sticky one. It not only claims to remove stickers & tape but gum as well, and what better place to find gum than under a desk in any school classroom. After applying the solution to the gum and scraping a little with the built in remover it's coming up with ease... I have to say that this 'un do adhesive remover" really works... It get's the stamp of approval. The "un du" adhesive remover can be used on plastic, glass, walls, most clothing and many other surfaces but the maker warns against using on finished leather or suede. If you have a product for david to test out, drop him a line at davidh@wsfa.com