New Field Honors Murder Victim

Ronnie Jackson will never get the chance to play catch with his son.

Just three months ago, Sequoyah Jackson, 3, fell victim to a shooting.

Friday, at a new field carrying his son's name, his father threw the first pitch.

"He was my little soldier," Jackson exclaimed.

The third phase of a construction project at the local Boys and Girls club, Sequoyah Jackson Field will hold games for kids twelve and under.

The essence of the young boy, organizers say, will live on as players take the field.

"It will help shape the lives of many young people for years to come," said Montgomery councilman Willie Cook.

The ballpark is more than just a memorial.  Administrators say it's an escape from the crime seen all to often in Montgomery.

"We will do all we can to make this a safe place," said Claude Douglas, President of the Boys & Girls Club of South Central Alabama.

As children flew balloons high above the field, the messages written on them spoke volumes to Sequoyah's family.

"No words can express the feeling," explained Marie Glover, Jackson's mother.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke