Orange Clean - Does It Work?

As you walk the isles at the local supermarket you'll find that more and more cleaning products are turning orange! It's seems to be a trend these days, even the older products out on the market shelves are turning orange. Products like 409 and fantastic now have orange cleaner. But there's one that started it all, It's called "Orange Clean" and our David Hagood puts it to the test. It seems like Wren Longcrier is always doing one or two things... Working in the yard or heading inside to clean! She uses a variety of cleaning products but has never tried the ones that you see on tv... Like the orange clean. It says it's made with pure orange oil and that you can simply wipe away grease and grime. But today we're really putting the orange clean to the test. This stove top is a mess and looks like it could use the help of orange clean. After spraying down the stove top just like the instructions say Wren starts scrubbing. The grit and grime is coming off slowly but the range need more of the orange clean... .after spraying again and completely soaking it... The stove top is looking better. So we give one of the other burners a shot of the orange clean and it's working on that one too. The biggest plus for the orange clean is the smell. It doesn't have the typical cleaner or chemical smell although it still works just as good if not better than any other cleaner on the market. It works! David purchased the Orange Clean product at Wal-Mart for about 4 dollars.