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Guest Editorial: Crime Prevention Begins at Home

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In the last few weeks we have all been mesmerized by the recent violent outbreaks of crime in our city.

In truth we have been horrified at the casual attitudes of some of the criminals and their "me first" attitudes.

People like this care nothing for human life nor the consequences associated with the end results.

To paraphrase a popular quote, "Crime Prevention" begins at home.

If a child lives with violence, then violence will follow them outside their door; If a child lives with love, patience and understanding, then the same will follow.

If a child is told that he or she will be nothing, then laziness, lack of pride and self-esteem will fester like a sore and grow.

But if a child that lives with the knowledge that they are loved, and told often that you are proud of them with each step they take, will grow up to be productive and useful citizens.

LOVE your children, PRAY for them and remind them that you are never farther than the sound of their voices for comfort, understanding and direction.

I'm Rose McCall

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