Congressman Updates Montgomery County Neighborhood On Postal Concerns

Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers brought some good news to the area, especially for the people who live in Woodland Creek. That's a new development out east, near Vaughn and Pike Roads.

The folks in that Pike Road neighborhood haven't had any mail delivery since they moved in. The U.S. Postal Service says because of cut backs it had to change its policy years ago. Mail carriers will only deliver mail to the front door in the older neighborhoods.

In the new developments, there must be mailboxes at the curb or all together in cluster boxes. However, the problem in Woodland Creek is 54 of the families have their mailboxes on the same side of the street, the other six don't, and because they all are not on the same side of the road, the Postal Service doesn't deliver to any of the homes there. Residents had to go and pick up their mail at the post office.

Now, Congressman Mike Rogers says that will all change on Wednesday. He tells WSFA 12 News, "I've taken the position as has the rest of the Alabama delegation is that the norm in our state is that you deliver to the house, and you not mandate a single side of the road and that still remains my position. The delegation is sending a letter to the Postmaster General asking him to reconsider this policy because they are not implementing it across the state. They just picked out certain markets and mine happened to be one of them here in Montgomery to force this policy change and I want them to back off of it and recognize the norm in this community is to deliver to the household."

Now, beginning Wednesday, residents in Woodland Creek will start receiving their mail in their curb side mailboxes, but that is only for those 54 homes with mailboxes on the same side of the street.

The other six homes with mailboxes on what the postal service says is the wrong side of the street will either have to rent a box at the post office and pick up their mail there, or their mail will be returned to sender.

Reporter: Eileen Jones