Update: Arrest Made in Mosses' Police Chief Car Arson Case

WSFA 12 News has learned of the arrest of a suspect in the November arson of a local police chief's car.

In November WSFA 12 News told you about Mosses Police Chief Michael Patrick's run-in with an arsonist.

He awoke at 1:45 in the morning to the sound of his car's horn blaring. When he went to investigate he found the vehicle in flames.

Now, an unnamed 15-year-old is under arrest for the blaze. He is facing charges of Arson 2nd degree.

Below is the original story: Chief Mosses recieved a warning before the incident happened...

Is somebody out to get the police chief in Mosses? Judging by an incident there overnight, you might think that is the case. Somebody torched his patrol car.

So are there any suspects? The chief will only tell WSFA 12 News he has some pretty strong evidence to catch the culprits.

Unlike most crimes, Police Chief Michael Patrick received a warning. Patrick says, "And advised me that she had heard a couple of people talking about drive-by shootings and to watch myself." It was an informant who told him he was the target of a drive by shooting. So, he put a video camera in his front window. Patrick says, "I guess about 1:45am the car horn was blowing.  My car horn was blowing and I got up to see what it was and I noticed the car was in flames."  The video tape is now in the hands of investigators.

Patrick says, "Since I've been here they've cut ten tires. They have busted out three side windows and put gas. I mean put sugar in my gas tank." Patrick says he's been a one man police department for two years. He says that is longer than any other chief has stayed in recent memory. The chief before him lasted two months.

Chief Patrick says he has had to put more than 50 people in jail in the two years he's been there. He says that is why some folks there are trying to scare him off.

A 1987 graduate of the Montgomery Police Academy, Patrick works full time for the Brantley Police Department. The Mosses job is part time.

Reporter: Eileen Jones