Salvation Army Hosts Dinner

On Thanksgiving Day, life at the Salvation Army was anything but slow.

As hundreds of Montgomerians came to Bell Street for dinner, volunteers worked endlessly, making sure everyone had a full plate.

With nearly 200 volunteers giving their day to charity, organizers say their kindness truly makes an impact.

"Thanksgiving's about how thankful we are, and it's lived out--it's made real--when we serve other people," said Capt. Roy Harris of the Salvation Army.

The spirit transcends the Montgomery area.

Harley Williamson drove from Andalusia with her daughter.  After seeing news reports about the food kitchen, she made the two hour trip to lend a hand.

"I have spoken to many people. They're thankful. They're grateful that we're here," Williamson said of the dinner guests.

Many others helped in their own way, delivering ham, turkey, and desserts for those in need.

Acts of charity that left many workers speechless.

"Within an hour, we had enough to do Christmas also," said volunteer Becky Smith of the influx of turkey.

With 300 people served at the dinner and an additional 250 meals delivered all across Montgomery, "Turkey Day" was no easy task.

However, it's the spirit of giving, volunteers say, that catches on.

"It's definitely worth coming up here. We're having a good time. We're hooked, and we'll be back more," Williamson explained.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke