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Editorial: Feedback


Last month we editorialized that current state law ignoring previous DUI offenses after a five year period makes no sense.

One viewer suggested it would make more sense to consider a new law requiring even first offenders to install a device that tests drivers and shuts down the car if it detects alcohol.

Many states already require the ignition interlock devices, but for people who have been convicted several times.

Regarding our editorial on health costs for state workers, Reba Stabler emailed "The majority of state employees are lower paid clerical people...However, if you are a state employee you are not allowed to qualify for the AllKids Health Insurance Program and can't afford the family insurance plan. If state employees were paid better for the service they provide then they would be more willing to pay more on their health insurance."

And regarding our guest editorial last week - crime prevention begins at home - Kathy Real from Evergreen emailed "I am glad to see someone realizes that the root of the problem is in the home. That is where the focus of preventing crime should start."

Dan Smith from Troy added we should show the editorial again and again.

You can see all of our editorials on wsfa.com in the "about us" section of our website.

We appreciate your comments and always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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