Pellet Gun Victim Speaks Out

Angela Grayson and her son Avery.
Angela Grayson and her son Avery.
Two suspects were arrested in connection with the attack. Police are looking for a third suspect.
Two suspects were arrested in connection with the attack. Police are looking for a third suspect.

Police are still looking for a suspect in a pellet gun shooting that left a man and his seven month-old baby injured.

The victims were home in Montgomery for the holidays and still can't believe what happened when they took their baby to the doctor.

"We were taking our son over to the doctor's office because he wasn't sleeping very well," says Lee Grayson.

Angela Grayson remembers holding their son, "I was holding him in my arms, he was on my hip on the right side."

Then, they heard a noise.

"As we were walking out, we saw this car was driving through the parking lot and we heard this pop pop pop pop pop," Lee says.

Mrs. Grayson thought the car was running over something.

Lee remembers getting hit in the head, then yelling, "Get down, we're being shot at."

"I heard little whizzing noises and then I just heard the baby screaming," Angela says.

At first, Lee though his wife had been shot because he could see blood on her shoulder.

Then, they realized it was their son; his head was covered in blood.

Lee says the pellet went through one of the smaller arteries above his son's skull which caused the bleeding.

He says, "It bounced off the harder part of his skull and landed in the softer part of his skull. Had it been in the softer part of his skull it would have damaged his brain."

"I was just so scared. I was afraid to see both of 'em because I didn't know what kind of bullets, I just saw blood and holes in their heads," Angela says.

On thinking of a possible motive, Lee Grayson says, "They meant to target somebody. They meant to hit somebody, and they carried it out."

When asked why he thought the attackers used a BB gun, Lee said he believed it was for practice.

A Birmingham neurosurgeon took a close look at Avery Grayson to make sure the BB didn't get to close to his brain. He should be okay.

Police have now arrested two of three suspects in this case. Nineteen year-olds Jeremy Thompson and Russell Johnson are now in the Montgomery jail on assault charges, and police say they were also involved in another pellet gun shooting on Taylor Road.

Now, the Grayson family is back home in Georgia.

They say they want to thank the witness who gave police the suspect's license plate number.