Florida Couple Fights Million Gallon Water Bill

A Lake Worth, Florida couple says they've been threatened with a cut off of all of their utilities because of a water bill they refuse to pay.

Lake Worth utilities says the homeowners ran their sprinklers all night, every night for two months to the tune of 4000 gallons of water a day.

The problem is Regan Zapatier's only has a 90 foot by 25 foot lawn and much of it is made up marble pavers and a deck.

Usually her monthly water bill runs $40 to $60, but not this fall.

After consecutive monthly bills in the $700 range, Regan and her husband refused to pay their bill.

The city is sympathetic, but having inspected the meter and the property is standing firm with its bill.

The Zapatier's say the way they figure it, the meter says they are using 124,000 gallons a month.

That's more than some of the multi acre mansions that sit just across the lake from their .10 acre plot.

Lake Worth City Commissioner Jo-Ann Golden is looking into the case and whether a mistake was made.

But she says the water meter is the final judge.

Meanwhile the Zapatier's have hired an attorney.