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Reporter Breaks More Than "A Leg"

The Thanksgiving 'holiday' may be over but anytime is a good time to give thanks. A Montgomery man knows that all too well. He's thankful to be alive after a serious traffic accident. He's a man whose name you may not know but you've read his work, whether you know it or not.

There's a great deal of power in this Associated Press newsroom because this is where a lot people get their news. When reporters here type a story it goes out to television, radio and newspaper newsrooms all over the state. And whether covering a news conference or the House of Representatives or a candidate's announcement, when it comes to politics, state house AP reporter Bob Johnson is usually there.

But these days, the man who usually tells the stories has become the story. "I'm real uncomfortable." That's because Bob is suffering from two broken legs and a smashed tendon. "Bob had just left the parking deck on his way back to work after lunch but before he got there he had other things other than his own safety on his mind and Bob agreed. "I'm kind of a day dreamer anyway and I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention but I think part of it was nobody was down there. It was just a ghost town."

And, with the buildings and streets empty in downtown Montgomery on the Friday after Thanksgiving Bob stepped out in the street and the next thing he knew he was on the hood of an elderly man's car. Bob was pointing to his right leg when he said, "This leg was broken in two places plus a tendon was smashed and then this leg is just broken in one place."

He had surgery that night but in the midst of all of this he had only one thing on his mind. "I asked a lady who was passing by to let me use her cell phone"  And he called not an ambulance or the police but his office. "I was stunned," said Shedd Johnson another A-P reporter who answered the phone call that day when Bob he told him he had been hit by a car. "And then the next thing out of his mouth 'Shedd make sure the afternoon digest gets done,' I couldn't believe it. He was worried about the job"

The next legislative session is 10 weeks away. Doctors have given bob at least eight weeks to recover and he's determined. "My goal is to be back up there at the State House with you covering the legislature come February 5th." 

Bob says he is so thankful these days. Thankful for his kids. Thankful his grandson and most of all thankful that he's still here to enjoy them.

Before going to the Associated Press, Bob worked at the Montgomery Advertiser for two years and the Birmingham Post Herald for more than twenty years.

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