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Editorial: HIV/AIDS


Montgomery is ranked first in the state in a category it would rather not be: the numbers of new HIV/AIDS cases being reported.

Statewide, new infections are higher than they've ever been, so this makes our ranking even more troublesome.

Women are the fastest growing portion of the population of the new cases.

Clearly, there are people who are infected who are infecting others.

More people are also being tested, resulting in a higher number of diagnosed cases.

HIV/AIDS is treatable, but not curable.

But it can't be treated if you are not aware you have it.

We encourage doctors to follow the Centers for Disease Control recommendations, supported by Alabama's Public Health department, to make this test as routine as others.

We also encourage you to check out WSFA.COM for details on free screenings being held Friday by the UAB Health Center Montgomery and the UAB Family Clinic.

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