City Inspects Montgomery Apartment Complex

Living in filth, the city of Montgomery has put the owners of a local apartment complex on notice.

After residents complained, city inspectors found more than they bargained for on Wednesday at Cloverland Gardens at the corner of South Perry Street and Delano Avenue.  When they made their surprise visit, WSFA 12 News was there.

Montgomery code inspectors checked out every single building.  Some of them lived in. Some of them were abandoned, and some were gutted in recent weeks by vandals and thieves.  Montgomery City Council member Martha Roby says they are ".... a haven for drug activity and other illegal activity that the residents who are paying rent shouldn't have to tolerate."

Roby says the complaints started when the complex failed to pay its trash bill, without dumpsters, the garbage started piling up. Tamara George lives in the apartment complex. She says, "Just take a look around and see how we're living and we give them money. There's no excuse." George says for 500-dollars a month, she doesn't even get a smoke detector. She says, "If a fire were to start in here, me and my child or whoever was in here, would be dead."

Roby says the owner of the complex will be required to make all sorts of repairs, because she says the people who live here pay rent, and deserve a clean and safe place to live. She says that is not being provided at any level at the apartment complex.

WSFA 12 News talked with an employee at the complex who told us the owner lives in California, and the management company is based in Texas. If they don't make the necessary repairs, the city council will take action. That could include tearing down some of those buildings.

In recent years, the City Council has voted to demolished literally dozens of unsafe or abandoned buildings all over Montgomery.

Reporter: Mark Bullock