Covering Macon County: Cows Found Shot Dead

WSFA 12 News is covering Macon County.

A Macon County man has just lost thousands of dollars, part of his livelihood when 3 of his 15 cows were found dead. The animals were found on someone else's property down the road from Ben Hall's property.

Hall is now trying to figure out who would shoot 3 of his cows; two bulls and a heifer. Hall can't recall having any enemies. The shootings didn't happen on Hall's property. He says, "One of the cows went through the fence." They ended up on someone else's property.

Hall says, "Someone got angry and killed them." Ben Hall's son has an idea who did it and why, a deer hunter with a high-powered rifle who may have felt the cows simply got in the way. Ben Hall, Jr. says, "I think they didn't want them to eat the grass planted for the deer."

It is not clear who owns the property where the cows were found dead, and it may not necessarily be the property owner's fault. What we do know is whoever shot the cows committed a misdemeanor since the cows were killed on someone else's property.

The lead investigative agency, the Alabama Department of Agriculture tells WSFA 12 News, this happens every now and then during deer hunting season.

Whoever did this not only took the lives of 3 animals but they also set the family back about 5-thousand dollars.

In the meantime, Ben Hall and his son say they will not remove the carcasses. The way they look at it, it's not their responsibility. That falls in the lap of the shooter.

So far investigators have no suspects since the investigation is just now getting underway by the Department of Agriculture.

To make matters worse, Hall says he didn't have any insurance on those cows.

Reporter: Bryan Henry