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Business License Proposal

There's one item that will appear on the agenda at the next City Council meeting that will probably cause quite a stir.

 It's a proposal that may increase the business license fees paid by professionals like lawyers and doctors.

The mayor say the business tax fee schedule hasn't been changed since the 1960, and in this day and age he says it's unfair to small business owners.

One proposal is to make professionals like lawyers and doctors pay the same rate that small business pay.

Currently small businesses pay a rate based on their profits, but lawyers for example pay a flat fee of 150-dollar for each lawyer in an office or firm and the mayor says that's unfair.

The mayor says the change in the categories of businesses is due to a law passed by the state legislature to make businesses and categories more consistent throughout the state.

The mayor says while doing that the fee schedule needs to be updated too.

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