Power Paste -- Does It Work?

It's that time of the year, time for a good spring cleaning and this does it work product could really help you out with some of those stubborn stains! But does it work? David Hagood has the answer. If you've tried every cleaning product under the sun but none seem to work, or maybe you're looking for something a little more powerful, this does it work product could be for you that is if it passes our test. It's the big brother to last weeks product "Orange Clean" it's called Power Paste, and it's made with the same orange oil that we found in last weeks product. This power paste claims that it can clean pretty much anything... so we found a bathtub that was in desperate need of a good cleaning that not even the scrubbing bubbles could help out. We did just as the directions said. We put a small amount water into the power paste, next we took a sponge and worked up a good lather... Then all you have to do is apply. Now the directions says for stubborn stains let the paste sit for about a min. Then take water and just wash it clean. We did just that and the power paste worked better than anything else. We tried it out on the chrome as well, and check out that shine! This paste puts other products to shame! It works! Now out of all of the cleaning products that has been tested so far, the power paste has out performed any of the others. If you would like to tip David off to a new product or one that you've been thinking about buying but aren't sure if it works... Let him test it out first, e-mail him your idea at davidh@wsfa.com