Beginning Of The End For Small Town As Hyundai Comes Knocking

It's the beginning of something extraordinary for Hope Hull, Alabama; the Hyundai plant along with 2,000 jobs. The end, to some extent, of the tranquility of country life. Either way you look at it, major changes are on the way.

"We're ready. We're excited, you know," says Lee Jackson, a Lowndes County businessman. This sleepy community with a small town post office and slow traffic is really about to take off.

"Happiness!" That's how Al Dodson describes Hyundai's official groundbreaking which is scheduled for Tuesday morning at the 1,500 acre site. Dodson also knows for a fact that more economic growth is just around the corner, thanks to Hyundai. Next door to Dodson's gas stations and store is a grassy lot. That's where an upscale restaurant is expected to break ground in about 60 days. "We've already been approached by some people wanting to buy some property," says Doson.

"It's not going to be a country life anymore," says Heather Langley. Langley and her husband recently moved to the Hope Hull to be closer to family and enjoy the tranquility of country life. She knows some things will change, but she still welcomes Hyundai. "I'm excited about the prosperity it'll bring. Alabama needed a little lift in the economy," says Langley.

And talk about a lift; a one billion dollar plant and 2,000 jobs. Right across from the groundbreaking site on I-65 South, highway work crews erected a large sign welcoming Hyundai to Alabama. The 'welcome' sign includes a Korean translation. It's pretty clear when it comes to economic growth, Montgomery and South Korea speak the same language.