Montgomery Teacher is a Class Act

"I enjoy being able to mold these children," says Karen Lee. She teaches third grade at Garrett Elementary. She says by the time children reach her classroom, they take a more active role in their education.

Third grader Hannah Fiederer says, "it's fun, because you get to learn a lot about it; and it can help you a lot when you get older."

Classmate Bell Brown adds, "we learned in social studies about the states and colonies."

Lee has been a teacher for 12 years and as far as she's concerned, working with third graders is as good as it gets. She takes pride in developing their writing skills, so they can compose whole sentences. She also works with higher level math concepts that will serve as the base for the rest of their education.

Her assistance also reaches teachers just starting their careers. Principal Margaret Allen says, "because of her leadership abilities, her willingness to work with others... she has a great attitude; and all of that is just a part of her being selected as a mentor teacher."

Lee says, "if I can help someone with my past experience, with those things that I learned in my first years, then I think that would help them to survive and become a better teacher."

Lee is on Garrett's building leadership team and helps develop the instructional format for the school's third graders.