Child Shot in Convenience Store

There's a four-year-old Montgomery girl in the hospital struggling to overcome a gunshot wound to her stomach. The girl was at the wrong place at the wrong time yesterday afternoon. She was inside a convenience store with her mother, when two men, yards away in Tulane Court, got into an argument and began shooting. Beth Jett reports:

This afternoon, 4-year-old Jalisa Thomas walked into "The Court" with her mother to buy a few things. It's the same thing another 4-year-old little girl did just yesterday and ended up in the intensive care unit at a local hospital, after a stray bullet hit her.

Lisa Thomas/heard about shooting: "I thought about my baby and she just loves being with her little brothers and run into the store. This was sad."

E.J. Knight/Store owner: "I was there when she was shot. She did not shed a tear."

E.J. Knight owns the store and said the shooting really upset him, since he too has a little girl.

Beth Jett/WSFA: Knight said Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright came out to the scene yesterday to offer support and assistance from the city. As for police, they say they're still investigating trying to determine a suspect to hold accountable for the shooting, an incident, perhaps, that came as no surprise, since this store is located right across the street from a violence-prone area:Tulane Court.

E.J. Knight: "Yes, we have some problems here. There are some problems that we're going to have to address. It can't be a problem for the mayor only. It can't be a problem for the police department only, or just for us only. It has to be a problem for the entire city."

Lisa Thomas: "It's bad when little kids can't walk, you know, in the neighborhood, a little store in the neighborhood, can't come to the store and make it back home."

Police say 21-year-old Eddie Allen was also shot in the right side of his neck, but it wasn't a life-threatening injury. Officers are looking for 28-year-old Dewan Williams to question him about the incident. Once police catch the culprit, that person could face charges of attempted murder and assault.