Autauga County Remembers Long Time Circuit Clerk

"People elect you to do a job. Do it or get out," Fred Posey said back at his retirement party in 2001.

Posey was a no nonsense kind of man yet someone with a heart of gold.

"He helped a lot of people. If wasn't monetarily, people could go to him with their problems," said Autauga County Circuit Clerk Whit Moncrief.

Posey died of natural causes. He was 95.

"His door was always open," said Prattville Mayor Jim Byard.

Mayor Byard called Posey his mentor. Byard says Posey gave him sound advice on how to navigate the choppy waters of politics. After all this was a man who knew; 60 years in one job as the county's circuit clerk. It's always been an elected position, one Posey never lost and he never had to put up any political signs.

"He taught me that politics is a noble profession and can affect people's lives in a positive way," said Mayor Byard.

In fact, it was Fred Posey who swore in Mayor Byard at city hall when Byard won his first full term. While stories abound about Posey's generosity, there are also tales of a man who was funny but wasn't afraid to make a point. Mayor Byard recalls the time when someone wanted to speak with Posey's boss.

"She was a little mad at him and wanted to speak to his boss. Posey said, 'I don't have a boss.' She responded, 'Certainly everyone has a boss,' and he said 'the one who hires me is God,' and he slammed the phone down," Byard remembered with a laugh.

Fred Posey stepped down 7 years ago at the age of 88. He didn't necessarily want to retire but he told a friend 'its time.'

"He was having some health issues," said Moncrief.

Even in retirement the job Posey held for so long never really left him. One day he got a summons to serve on a criminal jury.

"He said 'Whit.. this has never happened before.' We excused him since he knew too much about what was going on," said Moncrief.

Fred Posey reportedly never watched TV. He read books instead and listened to the radio. He even put a burlap over his computer when the computer age dawned. He preferred to do things the old fashion way.

"Used his head and pencil and paper, Moncrief recalls.

A simple man who lived by a simple set of rules.

"I believe in being absolutely honest. Don't get the big head and serve the public," Posey said during his retirement party 7 years ago.

Posey was also a World War Two veteran. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps.

Posey's visitation is Wednesday from 11 AM to 1 PM at Rideout's Funeral Home in Prattville. The funeral is set for 1 at Oak Hill Cemetery on Wetumpka Street.