'New Chapter in Automotive History'

Some of Tuesday's  comments made by Hyundai Chairman Mong Koo Chung during the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Hyundai plant.

"Today, Hyundai and the state of Alabama join hands in opening a new chapter in automotive history. Together with its sister company, Kia Motors, Hyundai Motor Company is the world's seventh largest auto maker, manufacturing and selling more than 3-million units a year in 190 countries around the world.

At the very heart of Hyundai's active globalization strategy, lies the state of Alabama. The new plant will transform Hyundai Motor Company into a true American company returning our American customers support, ... with enhanced quality and service.

Governor Siegelman, ladies and gentlemen, on this day of groundbreaking, I would like to thank everyone for their remarkable work during the tough decision making process that has finally brought Hyundai to the state of Alabama.

Here in Alabama, I have witnessed for myself the immense potential for growth and reconfirmed that Alabama is indeed the most excellent choice for our U.S. plant. Hyundai's decision to build a local plant in the U.S. arises from our aspiration to provide our U.S. customers, who have recognized the value of Hyundai cars and have decided to buy Hyundai, with the impeccable quality of timely response only possible locally.

In three years' time, Hyundai's first U.S. made car will be rolling out of this plant and the car will symbolize Hyundai's absolute commitment to its U.S. customers.

Lastly, I promise all of you that I will exert all of my energy in the successful operation of the Alabama plant, particularly by leveraging Hyundai's engineering center and design center in the United States. Once again, thank you very much for attending this significant event, despite your busy schedules. Thank you very much."