'Montgomery is an Excellent Place to do Business'

Comments from Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright at Tuesday's groundbreaking ceremony for the new Hyundai plant to be built just south of Montgomery.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm still on cloud ninety-nine. I'm so proud. I am proud of Montgomery and what's going to happen to Montgomery the next two or three years and Chairman Chung, thank you for selecting Montgomery and putting notice on people's minds throughout the world that Montgomery is an excellent place to do business. But also, something I've known for many, many years throughout my lifetime, Montgomery's a great place to live and Alabama's a great place to be from, a great place to grow up and raise a family. So I thank you very, very much. We owe you a great deal of gratitude. Chairman Chung, President Kim as mayor and on behalf of the great citizens of our great city, let me officially welcome you to Montgomery, Alabama.

We are honored that you have chosen us as your partner in your first manufacturing venture in the United States. With its rich cultural history and beauty, its extraordinary people who value their families and (have a )commitment to hard work, and a city and county government who are committed to ensuring that your trust in us will not be violated, Montgomery, a city that is older than our state, will prove to be a place that you will be proud to call your home.

As we move from this point today and work toward our shared vision of excellence, we pledge to you our full support. You will find that Montgomery and our surrounding neighbors to the east, to the west, to the north and to the south recognize the opportunity for an improved economy that the selection of this site will create. And just as we will prosper, we believe that you too, will prosper in an area of our nation and state that understands the value of hard work and cooperation.

We look forward to extending a warm welcome to your Hyundai families as they leave their homes in South Korea and come here to be a part of us in Montgomery. Montgomery is known not only for its warm climate, but also for its warm hospitality.

We strive to offer the finest in educational opportunities for our children, to support the arts for all ages, to improve the quality of life for families, to promote understanding and tolerance, to protect our citizens from harm and to honor our history and tradition. There's a new sense of excitement and resolve in our community to work each day to make the next day a little better. Our city sisters in the river region share that same commitment to positive change.

Montgomery is a city that is connected to the rest of the world by road, rail, air, and water. With our excellent transportation systems, we can assure that your suppliers and your products can be moved swiftly, safely, and economically to you and to any part of the world with the guarantee of high quality.

With municipal, county, and private sector services necessary to guarantee the efficiency of your manufacturing process, you will be assured that your facility will always be able to maintain its ... proficiency. With the governor's leadership to invest the necessary resources for training and job readiness, you will find no better workforce than among the people of the region.

Alabama prides itself, as it should, in its success in attracting automobile manufacturers from across the globe. And we are here today to join other cities in Alabama that have welcomed opportunity for new jobs and economic growth. As mayor, my pledge to you is to work with you for your success.

My words of thanks to you for the chance that you have given our city. My hope for you is that you will come to know us as we are - a community of caring people, who love our country and our community. Thank you very much."