Obama and Winfrey Attract Huge Crowds

Nearly 30,000 people turned out in Columbia, South Carolina to see Oprah Winfrey endorse Barack Obama.

The talk show host and the Democratic presidential candidate are drawing huge crowds as they campaign from Iowa to New Hampshire.

The question is whether the Obama campaign can turn those fans into voters.

"South Carolina, I do believe he's the one to bring us the audacity of hope... Barack Obama!!" Winfrey proclaims.

On day two of their whirlwind campaign tour Obama and Winfrey packed a football stadium in Columbia, South carolina.

Obama said of the turnout,"the biggest crowd of this campaing -- period -- of any candidate!"

Winfrey also attracted huge crowds in Iowa on Saturday and after South Carolina the two were off to New Hampshire with a simple, upbeat message.

"I challenge you to see through the people who try and convince you that experience with poltics as usual is more valuable than the wisdom won from years of serving people outside the walls of Washington, DC," Oprah tells the crowd.

bama 15:19:43 "washington isn't listening to your dreams right now -- and that's why i'm running."

Rival Democrats are hoping that even Oprah's star power will be eclipsed by the issues.

Senator Joseph Biden:" Look, this election is going to be determined by what you and I are talking about -- not, God love her, what Oprah's talking about. I think it's a very helpful thing. I'd love Oprah to be putting 15,000 people in a room for me to give me a chance to make my case to them."

From Oprah to Obama, it's an A-list endorsement big enough to fill a stadium with hopes that it will do the same for the ballot boxes next month.