Robbers Invade Home; Make Phone Calls to Victims

A north Montgomery family won't be getting much sleep anytime soon. They're fearful for their lives. They were the victims of a recently home invasion. And 24 hours later, they say the culprits are still calling their home.

The Nobles family spoke about the incident exclusively to WSFA 12 News. Four generations of the family were at home when they say three men burst in carrying guns.

"They said, 'where's the money?'" explained Maxine Nobles. "We said, 'we don't have any money.' And they were hollering, 'we're hungry. We need food, too.'"

Family members say the men forced 75-year-old Marie Nobles into the hall closet, where she kept a safe. But Marie didn't open it until the men held a gun to her 5-year-old great grandson.

"He put the gun to the baby's head and said, 'if you don't up the money I'm going to shoot him.'" Marie said. "I couldn't do anything else but up the money."

Marie says she thinks the intruders knew she had a safe and had been scoping out her house for some time. Montgomery police say they're working under the same assumption.

"Many times, these kinds of home invasions are not random acts," said Montgomery Police Captain Huey Thornton.

Adding insult to injury, the Nobles say the intruders kept calling to harass them, using the cell that had been stolen from them. And when WSFA 12 News arrived, someone called again to tell the family they had made a mistake.

To make matters worse, the Nobles say they don't have any money left to pay their bills. They say the thieves took the money, the cell phone, and several pieces of jewelry.

So far, no arrests have been made. But police say they do have promising evidence. They have also stepped up patrols in the neighborhood.