Dead Animals Found In Montgomery City Limits, Animal Cruelty Suspected

Nasty Discovery In Montgomery City Limits
Nasty Discovery In Montgomery City Limits

Dustin Aldridge and his land survey team thought they had seen it all until today.

"They're still disturbed about it," Aldridge said.

The survey team had just started their work, surveying the land for a developer when they came across the remains of 3 deer. Investigators on the scene asked WSFA 12 News not to reveal the exact location with the hope of making an arrest.

"On one deer the meat was taken off the backstrap instead of getting the entire carcass processed," said Aldridge.

Even though Alabama is in the middle of deer hunting season, it's the illegal dumping of the carcasses that's against the law.

Meantime, it got worse a few yards away. The survey team also found a pit bull in a blood-stained bed sheet and a plastic bag over its head, and that's not all. Two dead bobcats were found nearby with their back legs tied together. It was a little more than survey crew could handle.

"They asked if they could leave the site because it was too upsetting. I told them, 'yes sir," Aldridge said.

The Montgomery County Humane office has now started its investigation along with the Alabama Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to somehow figure out who's behind this.

Of all the carcasses, Aldridge says what bothered his team the most was the pit bull. In their view, there is no question the dog was used in an illegal dog-fighting operation and it apparently lost.

"It was clearly evident to me the dog was involved in illegal fighting. Just animal cruelty and it wasn't shot. It suffered," said Aldridge.

"There seems to be bite wounds. Don't know yet if that's from a fight. He's not really scarred up like a typical dog fight. It could be it wasn't worth anything to the owner," said Steven Tears, Managing Director of the Montgomery Humane Society.

For now it's back to work for Aldridge's survey crew. With more than a hundred acres ahead of them, they plunge ahead with the hope there will be no more surprises on the dirt road.

The remains have since been disposed of and investigators are encouraging people to call the Montgomery Humane Society if you have any information that could help them crack the case. That number is 334-409-0622.

Those responsible could face charges from illegal dumping to animal cruelty, according to officials at the Alabama Department of Wildlife and fisheries.