Gilmer Convicted of Murder, Then Released until Sentencing

18-year-old Vito Gilmer is out of jail today, even after a jury convicted convicted him of murder.

The judge in this case, Tracy Mccooy, released him until his sentencing on January 3rd.

The move has the victim's family, prosecutors, and local law enforcement upset and asking why.

Gilmer was convicted of the murder and assault of 16-year-old Kierra Goldsmith in June 2005.

Montgomery police tell WSFA 12 News they believe Gilmer should have remained behind bars and don't understand why the judge set him free.

"Obviously, we had a solid case because this individual was convicted," says MPD spokesman Capt. Huey Thornton.

Gilmer could receive anywhere from 20 years to life in prison.

When that sentence is handed down, count on WSFA 12 News and to bring you the latest.