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Liquid Bandage - Does It Work?

Band Aid's have been around for years, and you can get them in any color, shape or, theme these days. But a new product out by the makers of band aid claims their new product is the ultimate bandage. David Hagood will answer the question... Does it work?

 It's the best part of the school day for most kids everywhere... recess. At Coosada Elementary it's no different. You know with kids on a playground, it's bound to happen. Cuts, scrapes and the occasional fall, and when that happens, you wind up here... At Nurse Pat's office. Dalton and Josh both came in with scrapes. So to help us out with our does it work test, Nurse Pat tried something new. It's called liquid bandage. It's part of the band aid family. The directions say to apply 4 drops of the solution on the applicator. Then rub that over your wound and about a minute later... the liquid bandage should be hard, sealing your wound. And that's exactly what it did. As far as protecting it, Nurse Pat's not so sure how well the liquid bandage does that. So the liquid bandage does what it says by sealing the cut or scrape... but our nurse says it does not protect. As your wound heals the Liquid Bandage will come off... But if you want it off before that time... All you have to do is use a little baby oil and it will come right off.

 The Liquid Bandage cost a little more than your regular box of band aids. It sells for 8.99 at several drug stores and Wal-Mart even carries the new product.

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