Son Speaks Out For First Time Since Remains Found In Pike County

Missing Woman's Mystery Solved In Pike County
Missing Woman's Mystery Solved In Pike County

7 miles south of Troy in the woods on private property, the yellow tape still marks the area where Eric Rudolph says his mother's remains were found Wednesday afternoon.

"It's been 16 months," said Rudolph.

The discovery by the landowner's son comes almost 2 years after Burnese Rudolph turned up missing. The family reported Ms. Rudolph missing in July of 2006. A month later investigators found her car. Little did they know her body was just a quarter of a mile away. It was then Eric Rudolph had given up hope his mom would be found alive. In fact, he thought foul play may have been involved even though Burnese Rudolph had dementia and diabetes.

"I'll wait for forensics to come back with their results before I make up my mind, but this wasn't like to just wander off," Rudolph said.

A sad ending to a woman who was homemaker and worked in a bakery in New Jersey before moving back to Pike County some 20 years ago.

Carroll Hussey's son found the remains along with Rudolph's walking cane and purse.

"He called me and after I came down, I figured it was the lady who had been missing," said Hussey.

It's not the Christmas the family had hoped or prayed for but Eric Rudolph says at least they have closure.

Burnese Rudolph was 62.

Investigators say one reason search teams had trouble locating Rudolph's remains is because she disappeared in the middle of summer and woods were thick with growth.