Montgomery Apartment Complex Cleans Up But Still Has Long Way To Go

Residents Plan Protest At Apartment Complex Over Unsafe Living Conditions
Residents Plan Protest At Apartment Complex Over Unsafe Living Conditions

Two weeks ago we saw piles of trash at the Cloverland Gardens Apartments in South Montgomery. Today, it's a little cleaner.

"Considerably better compared to what we saw," said Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright.

But the complex is still a long way from being spotless.

"Waste Management came back and picked up their dumpsters before Thanksgiving," said leasing agent Katrina Anderson.

Anderson says KAD Alliance, the company that manages the apartments is $9,000 behind in paying its trash bill. Security is also an issue. Case in point; about a month ago our camera caught two guys trying to steal copper from one of the unit's air conditioner. Cloverland Gardens no longer has security patrol because Anderson says again KAD Alliance hasn't paid its security bills on time, $10,000 behind.

And the state of the buildings? That's another story. Many of them are sporting 'condemnation notices' tacked on by city inspectors, unfit to live in.

Katrina Anderson admits sometimes the tenants are responsible for the damage. For example, we found graffiti on one outside wall and part of an exterior panel ripped off, but inside the apartments it's a different story.

"You can see water sitting in a puddle on the floor," said Janay Marcus who pays $415.00 a month and she's got major plumbing issues. Tamara George is forking over $500.00 a month and yet she doesn't even have a smoke detector.

"If we have a fire me and my child are dead," said George.

Thieves and vandals have virtually destroyed many of the vacant apartments.

KAD Alliance which is based in Texas tells WSFA 12 News it doesn't deny there are problems but claims it's having trouble finding local people who know how to manage apartments. KAD Alliance says it's fired 7 employees in the last 3 months. When asked about being behind in their trash and security bills, the company said 'it didn't have those figures available.'

"They have to do a better job of managing," Mayor Bright said.

And managing the property better may start on Monday when KAD Alliance officials meet with Mayor Bright at noon. Hours before the noon meeting in the mayor's office, residents plan to hold a protest near the leasing office.