COPY-WAFF 48 News learns more about shooting suspect's past

WAFF 48 News is uncovering details about Kenneth Shipp, who is the suspect in Officer Freeman's death.

We were told he works at Redstone Arsenal and that he dealt with a system to protect our uniformed men and women from harm.

At one point, Shipp was an engineer among a group of volunteers that trained our troops for protection on military helicopters when under attack.

But we're learning much more about his past.

That includes a history of driving under the influence, a domestic dispute and now a charge of capital murder, for killing one of Huntsville's finest.

According to an article in The Redstone Rocket, dated September 15, 2004, Kenneth Shipp, a 1979 graduate of UAH, began working at Redstone Arsenal two years before graduating.

He has a background in ballistics.

He even traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan to educate soldiers on equipment that would protect them from enemy fire.

Shipp was with the Cargo Helicopters Project Office and was even described as "an enthusiastic volunteer."

But the article also paints a completely different picture of the engineer compared to what we have learned today.

Shipp is now charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Huntsville Police officer Eric Freeman, a husband and father of five.

And he is no stranger to the law.

Back in May, Huntsville Police were called to a shooting at Shipp's apartment in west Huntsville.

His son was accused of shooting him in the leg and foot with an AK-47, then fleeing, leading police on a four-hour manhunt.

The younger Shipp was charged with first-degree assault.

Ironically, Huntsville officers were part of team that got him medical attention.

But WAFF 48 News has learned that Shipp also has a past that includes charges stemming from driving while intoxicated.

Friday night, Huntsville officers Eric Freeman and Kevin Lambert responded to a wreck involving Shipp, they found the suspect sitting on the curb.

Police say when Shipp was approached by law enforcement for suspicion of DUI, he opened fire at Freeman.

That shot would ultimately end the officer's life.

It's described by Huntsville Police as a senseless killing that robbed Huntsville of an officer who fully exemplified the true meaning of a public servant.

A family man, a loyal officer, and a friend.

And while at one time, the man trained to protect our nation's greatest, has now been charged with taking the life of one of our greatest here.

Shipp remains in jail with no chance of bond.

And the fallen officer's family and comrades are left grieving from a great loss.

It's a reminder to thank those who wear a badge for their unending service and commitment to our community.