Only on WSFA 12 News: Family Speaks out About Daughter's Condition & Leash Laws

A walk across the street for a 9-year-old girl has turned into a heart wrenching journey for one Hartford family.

Mariah Carver was searching for her friend, when five dogs viciously attacked her.  She was just 20 feet from her home.

Mariah's parents spoke to WSFA 12 News exclusively.

Barry Carver, Mariahs' father, says the doctors didn't think she would live.

Inches from death, that's how officials described Mariah's condition when two teenage boys found her.

The dogs attacked the young girl for more than hour.

The two boys, who her family calls angels, didn't realize they would be there to stop the brutal attack at the time it mattered most.

Sylvia Carver, "They said her major arteries were one nick away from bleeding out."

Nine surgeries later, she's still clinging to life.

Mariah is listed in fair condition.  Despite her injuries, Mariah is still haunted by nightmares of the vicious attack.

"She has nightmares about past that house in the dark," says Sylvia Carver.

Now the Carver's are fighting for stronger leash laws.

According to the Geneva County District Attorney's office, the county does not currently have a lease law.

The Carvers say as soon as Mariah is out of the hospital, they won't stop until the law is changed.

Late Monday night WSFA 12 News spoke to the Carver family.

They are in good spirits after Mariah finished her ninth surgery.

The surgeons have successfully covered 90% of her wounds and she will soon start the process of physical therapy.