Cake Cutter - Does It Work?

Birthday parties, weddings, family picnics these are all places that you could use today's "Does It Work?" product. If you have a sweet tooth and have a problem "cutting" it, listen up, David Hagood will tell you if the Cake Cutter works. The package says it will give you a perfect piece of cake with every cut. With just a squeeze of the handles the cake cutter will bring a piece of cake right to your plate. Where is a better place to try the Cake Cutter out than a birthday party at the Montgomery Zoo? Thad Tatum and his parents allowed us drop in at his party, so we went along. After the train ride around the zoo, we had a little bit of ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday" to Thad, it was time for the cake and the big test to find out, "Does It Work?" Thad's father, Mr.Tatum, made the comment, "you use the cake cutter just as you would any regular knife." All you have to do is simply cut into the cake and then squeeze the handles and then you have your perfect piece. The Cake Cutter also receives a thumbs up because is doesn't have sharp edges, so you don't have to worry about using it at a kids party. After watching Thad's dad serve up pieces of cake David wanted to give it a try himself! He found it really was a piece of cake and told us, "It Worked!" There are two different kinds of Cake Cutters, one that will cut in the shape of a square and one that would be perfect for a pie or round cake. They both sell for around 10 dollars at Michael's.

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