Guest Editorial: Shopping In Downtown Montgomery

Subject: Christmas in Downtown Montgomery
With nine active construction sites, downtown Montgomery looks a bit conjested but that's no reason not to venture there and see what's available for the Holiday shopping season. There are more than 35 restaurants from Randolph Street to the North to Mildred in the South and from Goldthwaite in the West to Jackson and Mulberry Streets in the East for your luncheon pleasure. If you want to shop then let me suggest the eight or more stores in the heart of town or the more than 30 that border it in areas like Mulberry.
If you have time and want to take a rest from your shopping, then visit the parks like the RSA Park with it's really nice bronze story-plates and take a load off your feet. Downtown Montgomery is full of surprises if you just take sometime and "walk" around the area, at Christmas or any time of the year!
I'm Rose McCall