Many of you are spending more time outside in your garden or maybe just cleaning out your car and giving it a good wash. Either way, you will at some point have to wind up a hose and you know how frustrating that can be. It may not be that big of a chore if you have todays "Does It Work?" product. Lets say it's a hot spring afternoon and you want to wash your car but the last thing that you want to deal with is an old tangled up water hose! When the hose is a big jumble of mess and you've had it up to here with your old hose the makers of FlexiHose wants you to turn to them for some help. Their new product is supposed to save you time and space. It comes with its own water faucet connection called "smart connect". After we connected and unwound the FlexiHose it was time to test it out. David turned the water on and couldn't see any difference between the old hose and the new one. After that faucet was turned off though he could really tell what the FlexiHose is all about. As you reel the hose in the excess water left in your hose is squeezed out. With the built in reel and the fact that it only weighs about 3 pounds it makes this "as seen on tv" product a very good idea. There are a few let downs like the fact that you have to unwind the entire hose every time you want to use it and the price. It retails for about 20 bucks but it does what it claims, it solves the "tangled mess" problem and the space problem too. So we have to say that "It Works!" We found the FlexiHose here in Montgomery at the CVS Pharmacy or you can get it off the internet at www.asseenontv.com If you would like to suggest a "Does It Work" product just drop David a quick e-mail at davidh@wsfa.com