Salvation Army Hosts Christmas Dinner

Christmas comes but once a year.

At the Salvation Army on Montgomery's Bell Street, volunteers helped ring in the holiday.

With an assembly line serving up a Christmas meal, the dining room quickly filled to capacity.

Residents say they're just glad to have a place to go.

"It's nice to be around people, period..because it's a good feeling," said Edana Love, a Montgomery resident.

Members of a local temple even stopped by to lend a hand, proving it's a season of giving for all faiths.

"We like to share a little with people that do celebrate Christmas and that need a little help," explained volunteer Pete Ginsburg.

It's that goodwill that adds a friendly atmosphere and brightens the spirits of those less fortunate.

"I think the fellowship is as important--if not more important--than the food is," explained Heather Holcomb of The Salvation Army.

Residents agree.

"It's good for them.  There's a lot of people far from home and a lot of people going through a struggle," Love said.

Though the Christmas dinner and presents are for those in need.  Administrators say volunteers get a reward of their own.

"You walk away with your life changed after you've been in a situation like this, talked to people, heard their stories [. . .] You actually get so much more out of it than you're actually giving," Holcomb said.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke