Charities Dealing with Trash Donations

Thrift stores across the state are thankful for much needed donations, especially at this time of year.

But right now the charities are struggling with the cost of getting rid of junk that has been dumped at their doorsteps disguised as donations.

A spokeswoman for Goodwill Industries in Birmingham says worn out furniture and soiled mattresses are often illegally left outside the store by people trying to get rid of their garbage.

A spokesman with Alabama Thrift Stores Incorporated says they have the same problem.

The organizations spends about $1 million on landfill costs each year.

Right now they're looking for ways to stop the illegal dumping.

If you have would like to donate to these or any other charities, you are asked to remember that the cost associated with hauling away the trash takes away from the missions' abilities to help the needy.