Editorial: Feedback

You responded to our Alternative Fuel editorial with some insights key to the discussion.

Chris Williams from Franklin emailed:  "On the surface E-85 looks great.  The state is saving money, but as with anything there is no free lunch.  E-85 causes grain prices to increase as well as grain shortages in turn causing increases in the prices of pork, beef and dairy products. ..The production of grain requires fertilizer which as of now is mostly produced using oil.  After the initial setup cost the only free energy is solar, nuclear and hydroelectric..."

And Doug Hall emailed:  "I was glad to hear that Alabama is making an effort to curb the use of gasoline in favor of home-grown alternative fuels.  While E85 may cost less per gallon and produce less emissions, it is not necessarily cheaper overall than gasoline.  E85 gets roughly 25% fewer miles per gallon than gasoline engines.  Unless E85 costs 25% less than gasoline, it's not saving taxpayers any money.  The bigger story ...is E85 helps local farmers rather than members of OPEC."

And our editorial on recycling solicited an email from a Wetumpka viewer asking for more responsiveness to the program from administrators there.

Another requested Montgomery offer directions and instructions on what to recycle.

And some suggested Montgomery expand recycling efforts to include businesses, churches and schools.

We welcome and appreciate all of your feedback.