When You Can't Decide on a Choice for President...Use a Potato

Every four years Americans go to the polls for the purpose of picking a new leader.

Those voters are as varying in their methods of picking the next prez as the folks that want to actually be the next prez.

When it comes to voters some folks carefully weigh their options before stepping into the ballot box. "Do I agree with candidate X's policy on gun control or health care?" probably sits heavily on their minds.

Still, others step into the box, vote straight-ticket and then hit the road with out much thought on the matter.

And then there are the dreamers. These folks leave a hanging chad or dimpled ballot in the box as they throw policy stances to the wind, voting purely on who looks the most presidential.

So when all these methods of picking the next renter of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue fall short what is one to do???

Well, one Iowian is thinking outside the box...err...the bucket. Andy Green of Clinton, Iowa is teaming up with Mr. Potato Head in an effort to weed out the best candidate. Since everyone from Clinton to Obama and everyone in-between is in his state, he grabbed a camera and visited numerous campaign events and, surprisingly, all but one of the candidates posed for a picture with the 'tater.

Don't believe us? Check out the pictures to see who gets Green's support.

And if you try to take Green's lead and base your pick on the prized crop of Idaho, just remember, it's P-O-T-A-T-O without the 'E'.

Web Producer: John Shryock