Obama, Huckabee Come Out On Top In Iowa

Republican Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee is hailing his big win in over Mitt Romney and thanking all the Iowans who'd invited him into their homes. He says his victory signals a "new day in American politics" which will continue into the other states and end at the White House.

Huckabee says his win shows that the pundits were wrong and that "people are more important than the purse." He says the race is about who can raise the hopes of Americans when it comes to their children's futures.

Senator Barack Obama was the Democratic winner.   Barack Obama says his campaign has done what the cynics said it couldn't do. The first-term senator from Illinois eased past a high-powered field to win the Iowa Democratic caucuses. In a victory speech, Obama said Iowans have done what New Hampshire can do in five days and what America can do later this year. First-time voters are credited with helping Barack Obama get by tough rivals John Edwards and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

He said his election would result in a president "who will be honest about the choices and challenges we face." He repeated that his goals in office would be an expansion of health care coverage, eliminating tax breaks for firms that outsource jobs and bringing home the troops in Iraq.

Courtesy: Associated Press