Thyssenkrupp Application Deadline Feb. 15th

Job seekers have one week to complete and file applications for AIDT training designed to identify and train qualified potential employees for industrial operations and maintenance jobs with ThyssenKrupp Steel and Stainless USA LLC.

Training applications filed after Feb. 15 will not be accepted. Applicants must go online at  to request AIDT training for ThyssenKrupp Steel and Stainless USA production preparation. Internet access is available at Alabama Career Centers and public libraries.

"We have screened several thousand applications from people seeking our training and will begin the first round of orientation next week to further analyze the applicants and introduce them to our training plan," said Lee Hammett, AIDT project manager of services designed to fill the ThyssenKrupp production jobs. "We will select trainees after application screenings, orientation and interviews."

ThyssenKrupp is seeking 2,700 employees to begin state-of-the art carbon and stainless steel processing. Production is scheduled to begin in 2010 at the plant now under construction 35 miles north of Mobile. AIDT training is scheduled to begin next month. Successful trainees recommended by AIDT and selected by ThyssenKrupp may begin employment in May. Training and hiring will continue until the 2,700 jobs are filled.

"This initial round of applications is very important to us," said Scott Posey, director of Communications for ThyssenKrupp Steel US. "We're not only looking for applicants in this first round who are able and willing to learn the technological processes that are involved with modern, state-of-the-art steel production, but are willing to undergo extensive training in Germany and Mexico so that they can then help us train other future team members as well. We want the best for this project from the very beginning, and the AIDT process will help us find them."

Production job seekers must apply online for AIDT training designed to identify people with the skills, qualifications and experience ThyssenKrupp seeks to fill their production jobs. Trainees also have the opportunity to demonstrate attitude, flexibility, motivation, ethics and willingness to work as well as learn details about the jobs and the employer.

AIDT training is conducted at night to allow trainees to continue their current jobs. Training may be expanded and conducted during daytime and weekend hours. Training is provided at no cost to trainees and trainees are not paid while in training. Employment is not guaranteed for all trainees. Applicants for production jobs must have a high school diploma or GED. Maintenance applicants must also have maintenance accreditation or industrial experience. All applicants must have an established job record.

AIDT, part of Alabama's two-year college system, was established in 1971 to develop and coordinate training programs for companies creating jobs in Alabama through startup or expansion. A national survey of site location consultants consistently ranks AIDT one of the top state workforce training programs. AIDT is also the first state workforce training entity in the world to earn international certification for its quality management system.