Junior High Sex Abuse Victim Sues City Police and Former Officer

One of four students who fell victim to sex abuse at the hands of a former Montgomery Police officer is suing both the city and the abuser.

Officer Billy Doss worked as a school resource officer at Capitol Heights Junior High.

In January 2007, four students came forward saying Doss crossed the line from friend to sexual abuse.

The new year had just begun at Capitol Heights when late one afternoon, administrators called police to the school to investigate one of their own.

Billy Doss was an 18 year veteran of the force, and the young victim who is suing the city says she trusted him.

"He was like my dad," she told WSFA 12 News in an earlier interview.

Doss eventually pleaded guilty to abusing the then 14-year old girl and three others and Judge Gene Reese sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

But after that harsh penalty came down, even Doss' attorney said the case was far from over.

The girl's attorney confirmed that.

"I think her family wants accountability, for someone to say, hey, we screwed up. We're going to be more vigilant," said lawyer Roianne Conner.

Conner filed suit against the city and Doss on the girl's behalf, saying at worst, police and the school system failed its primary mission.

"They have a duty to protect the children here in Montgomery County, a duty to protect, period," Conner said.  "And they failed to do their duty."

Worse, the suit claims the city should have known Doss was a threat to children, because he said so himself and asked for a transfer away from the school.

"He actually bolstered that transfer request, as we understand it from his sentencing hearing, there's a message or note a letter or something from a mental health professional," Conner said.

The suit does not ask for specific damages, but the girl's lawyer says the student wants compensation to pay for counseling and therapy.

In the meantime, police have never confirmed Billy Doss asked for a transfer. The department declined to comment on the suit Wednesday.

The city attorney's office also declined to comment on the lawsuit, saying it had not seen the case yet.

Reporter: Chris Holmes