Editorial: Judicial Building Renovation

One of life's lessons is what's on the inside is what counts. The irony of the current discussion over the Judicial Building Renovation is that we haven't seen the inside of the building in 15 years and may never if it is not preserved.

Some are concerned that renovation plans for the Judicial Building near our state capitol on Dexter Avenue will obscure the view of the capitol and diminish its historic symbolism and symbolism as the dominant center of downtown and our entire state.

The Retirement Systems of Alabama says it will preserve history by saving a building and showcasing and enhancing the history of the building.

We will in essence be given an added view to history.

The alternative looks like no building at all since no viable plan has come forth to save it. The project will conflict with Montgomery's Downtown Smart Code by building up rather than out. But RSA maintains their plan won't harm the Dexter Avenue capitol view.

Their first class projects throughout downtown  and the entire state  deserve our expectation that this project  will deliver a view we can all appreciate.