Two Year College President Placed on Leave

A state two-year college president's job appears to be on the line. Post secondary Chancellor Bradley Byrne told the State School Board that he has placed the president of Southern Union State Community College on paid leave until the next state board meeting. That's when he plans to recommend that she be fired.

In the report are twenty findings in which investigators say the president of Southern Union State Community College violated school board policy.  The alleged policy violations are mostly at Southern Union Community College campuses in Opelika and Wadley.

The report accuses President Susan Salatto of extreme mismanagement to the detriment of the students. There are also claims of racism, favoritism and nepotism which included the hiring of her husband.

The school board also read in the report accusations of neglect. For example, students who live on campus are required to buy meal tickets to eat in the cafeteria, but those who have no means of transportation, Chancellor Byrne says, often go hungry.

"On the Wadley campus, where we have students in dorms, they serve no meals on the weekends. Our students who pay to be in our dorms didn't have any meals on the weekends.  Now, that may seek like a little thing but if you're that student or you're the parents of those students, think of what our college has done," says Byrne. "That's not a criminal thing, but it is an example of very poor management that is to the detriment to the people we're suppose to serve, which is our students."

In Salatto's response to the Chancellor's findings she praises her staff, but also says she will correct some of the wrongs in her administration. As for her husband, she says he has retired.

Chancellor Byrne says he will turn his findings over to law enforcement agencies even though he's not sure there were any criminal violations in the alleged wrongdoings.

Reporter: Eileen Jones