State Hosts Korean Family Day

Saturday was no usual day at the state's archives.  As part of the national celebration of "Korean American Day," the Capital City held an event of their own.

Along with fun and games--education for children and adults, with lessons about important events in Alabama's history.

"[Families can see] the hands-on activities--tours of the galleries, as well as trolley tours of historic Downtown Montgomery," explained Sherrie Hamil of the Alabama Department of Archives & History.

The day proved a good time for a growing number of residents.  Companies like Hyundai contribute to the rise in the state's Korean-American population.

With so many fresh faces, a chance to learn--and maybe have a little fun--is hard to pass up.

"It's very important to understand the American culture for Korean people," explained Daniel Kim, member of the Korean-American Society.

The opposite, Kim says, is important as well.

We need to show Korean culture to Americans, too, to be friends--because we're working and living together," he explained.