Guest Editorial: Baggy Pants

As a parent I am so sick of seeing little boys and baggy pants that I could just cry! I don't have that problem. My son knows the rules but for the life of me I don't see the "fashion" behind having your pants hang that low nor do I see a justification for it. Recently Atlanta proposed a law for their city ordinance statutes that could have you arrested or fined for having pants that hang too low.

Let me put a more "user-friendly" spin on this topic. 1) This style is hazardous because you can't run anywhere in them if you are in a hurry. I watched a guy hold his up with one hand a few days ago; 2) It makes you walk funny....really funny; 3) You'll never get hired wearing a pair of those. They look unprofessional and your Mom really doesn't like me. She just hasn't told you!

It's time to "dump" this style and get back to reality!

I'm Rose McCall